Bayside Bourbon Candles

Introducing Our Clean Burning Candle, a Delightful Fusion of Sweet Apple, Comforting Maple, Velvety Vanilla, and the Subtle Warmth of Bourbon Whiskey.
Immerse Your Space in an Enticing Symphony of Scents That Not Only Pleases the Senses but Also Guarantees a Clean Burn.
Let the Sweet Apple and Maple Dance With the Creamy Vanilla, While the Hint of Bourbon Whiskey Adds a Touch of Sophistication.
Elevate Your Ambiance With This Meticulously Crafted Candle – a Perfect Blend of Sweetness and Depth. Transform Any Moment Into a Cozy Retreat With the Harmonious Notes of This Exquisite Candle.
Burning Information: 
Small Metal Tin Approximate Weight: 6 oz | Approximate Burn Time: 40 hrs |
Wick: Double Cotton Wicks 
Large Metal Tin Approximate Weight: 10 oz | Approximate Burn Time: 60 hrs |
Wick: Single Cotton Wick
Wine Cork Lid Glass Candle Approximate Weight: 8 oz | Approximate Burn Time: 50 hrs | Wick: Single Cotton Wick
Wooden Lid Glass Candle Approximate Weight: 13 oz | Approximate Burn Time:
75 hrs | Wick: Double Cotton Wicks 

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