Coastal Cypress Candles

Introducing Our Exquisite Clean Burning Candle, a Harmonious Blend of Refreshing Citrus, Invigorating Sea Salt, and the Warm Embrace of Cedarwood.
Immerse Yourself in a Sensory Experience That Not Only Elevates Your Space but Does So Without Compromising on Cleanliness.
Let the Subtle Notes of This Thoughtfully Crafted Candle Transform Your Surroundings Into a Haven of Tranquility.
Pure, Clean, and Captivating – It's More Than Just a Candle; It's an Ambiance Upgrade.
Burning Information:
Small Metal Tin Approximate Weight: 6 oz | Approximate Burn Time: 40 hrs |
Wick: Double Cotton Wicks 
Large Metal Tin Approximate Weight: 10 oz | Approximate Burn Time: 60 hrs |
Wick: Single Cotton Wick 
Glass with Wine Cork Lid Approximate Weight: 8 oz | Approximate Burn Time:
50 hrs | Wick: Single Cotton Wick
Glass with Wooden Lid Approximate Weight: 12 oz | Approximate Burn Time:
75 hrs | Wick: Double Cotton Wicks

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