Endless Summer Candles


Discover Pure Serenity with Our Best-Selling Clean Burning Candle, an Exquisite Blend of Coconut, Bamboo, and Cedarwood Notes.

Handpoured to Perfection, This Candle Envelops Your Space in a Tranquil Ambiance, Creating an Oasis of Relaxation.

Immerse Yourself in the Tropical Allure of Coconut, Complemented by the Fresh Essence of Bamboo, and Grounded by the Earthy Warmth of Cedarwood.

Our Commitment to Clean Burning Ensures a Guilt-Free Indulgence, Allowing You to Luxuriate in the Captivating Fusion of These Premium Fragrances. Elevate Your Senses with the Harmonious Dance of Coconut, Bamboo, and Cedarwood – a Symphony of Scents That Has Made This Candle Our Best-Seller.

Illuminate Your Moments with the Essence of Paradise, Encapsulated in Every Flicker of Our Beloved Candle.

Burning Information:

Small Metal Tin Approximate Weight: 6 oz | Approximate Burn Time: 40 hrs |
Wick: Double Cotton Wicks 
Large Metal Tin Approximate Weight: 10 oz | Approximate Burn Time: 60 hrs |
Wick: Single Cotton Wick
Glass with Wine Cork Lid Approximate Weight: 8 oz | Approximate Burn Time:
50 hrs | Wick: Single Cotton Wick
Glass with Wooden Lid Approximate Weight: 12 oz | Approximate Burn Time:
75 hrs | Wick: Double Cotton Wicks 

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