Car Diffusers

Introducing Our Viral Hanging Car Diffuser, a Revolution in On-the-Go Fragrance.
Experience Long-Lasting, Highly Fragrant Bliss While Keeping Your Space Chemical and Toxin-Free.
Crafted for Those Who Seek a Delightful and Safe Driving Atmosphere, Our Diffuser Captivates With Scents That Linger, Ensuring a Journey Filled With Freshness.
Elevate Your Commute With This Innovative and Stylish Accessory, Transforming Your Car Into a Sanctuary of Lasting, Chemical-Free Fragrance.
Embrace the Sensation of Driving in a Space That's Both Invigorating and Health-Conscious With Our Viral Hanging Car Diffuser.
Signature Scent Options:

Endless Summer: Coconut + Bamboo & Cedarwood

Coastal Cypress: Citrus + Sea Salt & Cedarwood

Florida Fresh: Orange Blossoms & Bergamot

Ocean Breeze: Citrus + Basil + Jasmine & Cedarwood

Shoreline: Black Currant & Absinthe

Calm Waters: Lavender + Sage & Sandalwood

Mornin' Mist: Ozone + Cardamom & Amber

Bayside Bourbon: Sweet Apple + Maple + Vanilla & Bourbon Whiskey

High Tide: Warm Mahogany & Teakwood

Step 1 | Twist Off Wooden Top
Step 2 | Remove Plastic Stopper 
Step 3 | Twist Wooden Top Back Onto Glass
Step 4 | Hang From Rear View Mirror & Secure With a Knot
Step 5 | Tip Car Diffuser Upside Down 
Step 6 | Soak Wooden Top With Oil 
Step 7 | Enjoy Long Lasting Fragrance (Estimated 30 Days) 
As Fragrance Fades Repeat STEPS 5-6 


Always Be Sure Your Diffuser is Upright and Secured at All Time, Oils May Stain or Cause Damage to Surfaces If Not Properly Handled

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